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Will the new iPhone get a slow modem from Intel?

Apparently, the ruler of smartphones from Apple in 2018 will be slower than its last year’s brothers. And this is due to the intention of the “apple” company to use in their new iPhone slower modems of Intel instead of Qualcomm modems.

Okay, they would download data slower than last year’s lineup, because they will work slower than smartphones from competing companies. Qualcomm, the largest supplier of 4G chips for smartphones, said on Wednesday that it does not plan to ship modems for the upcoming iPhone.

Новые iPhone получили медленный модемный чип от Intel

“We believe that Apple intends to use the modems of our competitor (Intel), and not ours in the next line of the iPhone,” said Qualcomm financial manager George Davis during a telephone conversation with analysts.

In turn, Cristiano Amon (Cristiano Amon), head of chip business Qualcomm, said that this does not mean that Qualcomm lost Apple as a business partner forever. “This is a very dynamic industry,” he said during a telephone conversation. “And if there is such an opportunity, I think that we will again be an Apple supplier.”

Apple and Qualcomm started patent control from the beginning of 2017. Qualcomm previously supplied all modems for the iPhone, but now Apple uses Intel’s 4G chips in about half of its phones, especially for AT & T and T-Mobile networks. This step gave Apple more leverage in the battle with Qualcomm, but led to the fact that the company was criticized for harming consumers because of the speed limit of their smartphones on the network.

Новые iPhone получили медленный модемный чип от Intel

Qualcomm and Ookla speed tests confirmed that phones equipped with Intel modems are slower to load data than phones with Qualcomm modems. And recently, Calcalists sources said that Apple had abandoned Bluetooth components and Wi-Fi from Intel for mobile devices in 2020. Therefore, the rejection of Qualcomm chips in favor of Intel chips may be momentary, and the next generation of iPhone will again receive high-speed modem chips.

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