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360° Capture – The ONE shoots in every direction at once, capturing life in seamless 4K 360° video and 24 MP 360° photos. Once you’ve got your shot, re-frame the best parts, or share a full 360° experience straight from your phone. FlowState Stabilization-Best-in-class stabilization ensures pro-level footage,no matter what you’re doing.Running,cycling,even letting your dog carry the camera—it all comes out hypnotically smooth. It’s better than a gimbal,and with none of the hassle. Shoot First, Point Later – Create a stunning edit with a few taps. Mark off the best parts of your 360° footage and the ONE connects them with ultra-smooth camera movements.Invisible Selfie Stick – Mount the ONE on a selfie stick and watch as it instantly disappears from view. The result: easy aerial shots without a drone. Three Ways to Shoot – Use the ONE on its own, control it with Bluetooth, or connect directly to your iPhone and preview shots in real time. No cables. No hassle. Tons of flexibility.Android 5.1 or above.

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360° Capture
The ONE shoots in every direction at once, capturing seamless 4K 360° video.

FlowState Stabilization
All-new FlowState stabilization lets you capture hypnotically smooth video, no matter what you’re doing. FlowState outperforms leading smartphone gimbals. And since it doesn’t require any accessories, you can use it anywhere with zero hassle.

Invisible Selfie Stick
Pair the ONE with a selfie stick, and watch as the stick instantly disappears from your shot. You’ve got a flying camera but without the noise.

Bullet Time
Epic shots are easy with the all-new Bullet Time mode. Watch as you move through the center of a scene while the ONE orbits around you, capturing every angle in up to 240 FPS.

Tiny Planet
Wrap up your whole world in a single mind-blowing shot.

Cinematic Editing
Mark off the best parts of your 360 video, outlining the story you want to tell. The Insta360 ONE will automatically create a pro-level edit with ultra-smooth camera movements.

SmartTrack follows any subject to give you a perfectly stable video where they’re always center-frame.

Arrange the best parts of your shot in one frame, with a range of split-screen layouts. You can show the view and your reaction.

Three Ways to Shoot
Use standalone. Control with Bluetooth. Or connect directly to your phone for easy capture, sharing and even live-streaming.

Mount Anywhere
With a standard ¼” screw hole, the Insta360 ONE is ready to pair with a huge range of mounts and accessories.

For Android user, please purchase the Insta360 Android Adapter independently, and please visit Insta360 official website for compatibility before purchasing.

Waterproof Housing
Hit the waves with the ONE’s customized IP68 waterproof housing. Dust-proof, waterproof and durable, the housing undergoes rigorous seal testing and has a 9HD hardness. (Purchase Independently) It is not recommended to go under-water due to the light refraction.

Photo Resolution: 24 MP (6912*3456) Photo Format: insp,jpeg,RAW

Video Resolution: 4K (3840*1920@30fps, 2560*1280@60fps, 2048*512@120fps) Video Format: insv,mp4,LOG


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