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Meizu held in China, the presentation of the flagship line of smartphones dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the company. The manufacturer presented three models: the usual Meizu 15, the “lightweight” 15 Lite (M15) and 15 Plus with increased dimensions and advanced features. All devices are made in a similar design and differ markedly from previous devices of the manufacturer. The company focused on Meizu 15 and 15 Plus.

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Create your future

The new 15th series of smartphones is dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the creation of Meizu and symbolizes all the main achievements and principles of the company – stunning design, high-quality components and tireless work in an effort to achieve excellence. Leaving the fingerprint scanner on the front side of the smartphone, we were able to maintain the perfect ratio of the size of the screen and the entire smartphone. With new smartphones, the night shots are of amazing quality, the music sounds more bright than ever, and the fast operating system radically changes your experience of using a smartphone. Powerful processor and updated OS Flyme 7 bring all 15 series devices to a new level of perfection. Meet Meizu 15.

Large matrix, wide aperture.

Mobile photography is developing at a rapid pace, but the technique still suffers in low light conditions. Meizu 15 is the first to enter a new era of creating high-quality night shots. Using the highest level camera components in combination with the latest processing algorithm, we were able to achieve high-quality images with poor lighting.

Dual camera 20 megapixel, three-fold hybrid zoom

The pixel size of the Sony IMX380 camera is 1.55 microns; aperture size – ƒ / 1.8. Along with image stabilization and noise reduction technology, the Sony IMX380 camera has a matrix of size – 1 / 2.3. The secret of a great photo is revealed. Just click on the camera button – and a good shot is ready. Thanks to the wide-angle and long-focus lenses, the devices of the 15 series have the functions of three-fold hybrid zoom and 8-fold digital zoom. Now you can capture what was previously unattainable for you.

Smart Awakening

In the 15 series of smartphones installed face recognition function. Smart wake simplifies the unlock process and reduces it to 0.1 seconds. Now, seeing your face, the smartphone automatically unlocks.

One of a kind

What makes the new Meizu smartphones stand out among other smartphones on the market? Made specifically for the 15 Series Super AMOLED, the display from Samsung allowed the scope of the smartphone to be reduced to an almost invisible 1.175 mm. Thus, it was possible not only to increase the screen area, but also to preserve the width of the smartphone in a convenient 72 mm. At the same time on the front panel there is a fingerprint scanner and the “Home” button, allowing you not to forget the usual comfortable use of the Flyme interface.

Classical evolution

Should I bet on the rapidly changing trends of the game world or stick to traditional formats? In the 15 series of Meizu smartphones, we were able to implement both strategies. The new smartphones have combined the classic style and the most advanced technology. Enjoy Meizu’s unique design, new features and enhanced features. Now all pleasures are concentrated in one smartphone.

Faster, more powerful, more economical

The Meizu 15 Plus smartphone has the latest Exynos 8895 chipset, created by Samsung using a 10-nm process. In comparison with the previous generation processors in the new processor, the performance increased by 10%, and the power consumption decreased by 20%. The Mali-G71 20-core graphics processor now runs 50% faster, so that your gameplay is never interrupted4. The Meizu 15 Plus has 6 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of internal memory. With Snapdragon 660, your Meizu 15 will have more than the required performance to perform operations demanding on the processor and graphics.

Fast charging with a longer service life

A 3500 mAh battery with a new Meizu 15 Plus uses a new proprietary fast charge technology mCharge. Now you can charge the battery by 54% in just 30 minutes with power up to 24 W, and the intelligent power consumption optimization function allows you to achieve optimum power consumption.


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